Al Ashkar Trading & Agencies Co. is a company for the import, export and distribution of fertilizers and agricultural supplies was established in 2002 and went through various stages of development until it reached its current form
Where it is one of the largest castles for fertilizer and agricultural production requirements, the company imports high quality products from major international companies as well as the marketing of agricultural production requirements for others
. The company has taken the basic principle of working to promote the field of agriculture in Egypt by providing high quality products at reasonable prices to the Egyptian farmer. In order to ensure the confidence of its customers, it conducts experiments on its products with farmers to prove the efficiency and effectiveness of
these products and prove their ability to increase yield And raise its quality The company aims to provide a comprehensive organization of fertilizers, pesticides, clays and specialized growth organizations for modern and vital crops
The company has developed the commercial activities in all its divisions, so that it has opened new doors in the field of importing and exporting other commodities in various fields including agriculture, industrial and food
So that you export all Egyptian products and all what is required of the company from the foreign markets and we import all the needs of the local market for the company or for the account of others